These terms and conditions (hereinafter the “General Conditions”) governing the contracts to be concluded from time to time having as their object the on-line sale of products offered on the website (hereinafter, the “Site”), including Temporary in Solferino s.r.l. Via Solferino ang Castelfidardo 20121 Milano Italia (hereinafter the “Gallery”) and the consumer (the “Customer”), becoming an integral part

The General Conditions will remain valid and effective until they are modified and / or supplemented by the Gallery. Any changes and / or additions to the General Conditions will be effective from the date they are published on the Site, and will apply to the purchase orders submitted after that date. The latest updated version of the General Conditions can be found in the specific section on the Site.

Area of Application

The Site provides a service of online sales of the following products:

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Art Photography • Direct sales through the website.
Art Photography • Subscriptions for rental of the photographs on the site and technical advice on their disposal within the spaces where they will be placed.
Collaterals • All individual products or collections that in time could be found on the Site online store.

Customer Service

It ‘s possible to request information concerning subscriptions writing to or by contacting us directly at +39.335.5200775.

Orders and Acceptance of Orders

The purchase of products available online on the Site is done through online payment as follows:

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fill the cart
enter all the required information regarding shipping and billing
fill in the data relating to credit card or bank transfer
confirm the purchase

To purchase on you must be registered on the site. Before or during the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your credentials by logging-in. If the Customer has not yet joined the site, they can register by entering their information in the required fields on the form provided.

The Gallery does not recognize any binding offers to purchase in a different manner from what is mentioned above.

By submitting the order this implies full and unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions in force at the time of the order.

The purchase order is to be considered accepted by the Gallery once the message appears on the page of, proper execution of purchase or, in the case of bank, credit, on receipt of the amount sent.

The Gallery can accept Customer orders subject to the quantity of existing products requested. The Gallery is committed to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseen breakdown in stocks due to excess demand or other causes.

Any clause affixed by the customer additional and / or different from that indicated in the purchase order and / or in the General Conditions shall lose its effectiveness.

Prices, Terms and Methods of Payment

Displayed prices are for each product on the site are in Euro, including VAT, and are those listed at the time of order.

The method of payment for online purchases of products involves the use of a credit card through PAYPAL security service or by bank transfer.

Terms and Delivery Costs

The products shall be delivered to the address specified by the Customer in the purchase order, provided that the information has been entered accurately and accompanied by all the data necessary for the proper fulfillment of delivery.

Delivery costs are charged to the Gallery.

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The Gallery assumes no liability for failure and / or delay in delivery of products caused by the malfunction of the logistic service and / or due to unforeseen events such as natural events strikes, traffic congestion and peak busy periods.
If the delivered products are not in conformity to the order made, by nature, quality or quantity the Customer has the right to report the defect, subject to forfeiture, no later than ten (10) days of receipt.
The products purchased will be delivered to the address given by the Customer in the purchase order, provided that the information has been entered accurately and accompanied by all the data necessary for the proper fulfillment of delivery.

Intellectual Property

All information on the Site, all the trademarks on the Site, all programs and / or technology provided in relation to the Website and in general, all or part of the Site itself, are reserved and protected. Marks and logos used in the web Site may not be reproduced : the Customer also agrees not to copy, modify, translate, reproduce, disseminate, sell, publish, promote and disseminate it in any other way, in a different format, in electronic form or other type, in whole or in part, the information present on the Site.

Obligations of the Gallery

The Gallery is obliged to act as quickly as possible to the Customer’s order and to send precisely what was purchased on the Site.

Obligations of the Customer

Aware of the possible criminal offense for false declarations, the Customer declares and guarantees to be the individual to whom the commercial information is concerned, to be of age, the data supplied by the same for the execution of the Agreement are true and correct.


The possible nullity of one or more individual clauses of the General Conditions shall not involve the nullity of the same General Conditions and / or the contract of sale.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Subject to the mandatory provisions of law, the purchase order, the contract of sale and all rights and obligations resulting, shall be governed by Italian law and any relevant dispute shall be referred to the exclusive competence of the Court of Milan.