Noema Gallery Activity

Noema Gallery was established to propose and promote the culture of contemporary photographic artworks with a particular focus on the European scenario.

This objective is pursued through::
• Cultural activities
• Gallery Activities
• Consultancy Services to Company Image

Noema Gallery’s overall project is to present and develop European Contemporary Photography, in which you feel the bond that this Continent has with history. We are confident that the age of Europe is not an obstacle, but a great wealth, a huge heritage to draw from to build the future. The photographers of Noema Gallery were chosen specifically because they were considered able and conscious of living and being formed by this culture and they use it and remodel it to produce contemporary works.

For this reason, we propose artists that do not copy the past and are not nostalgic for what is not there anymore.  Such artists do not consider the past as a burden to be rid of, but a foundation on which to build the future. We propose photographers who are very different from each other but are linked by a common cultural matrix which we hope will  be understood and perceived by those who purchase or rent our photographs.