Art Rent

Noema Gallery distinguishes itself  from other galleries of contemporary photography in Italy, for its range of activities, exhibitions and sales as well as for rental of photographic works.

In doing this Noema’s mission is to spread  the culture of art photography to everyone , trying to minimize the distance that is generally  created between those who propose art and those who would like to buy it, allowing an approach to photography for everybody .
Rental of the works is offered to anyone interested in renewing or improving work space, with the possibility of multiple renewals during the year.
Thus, Art Photography can  become a cultural opportunity to create events, invite clients, promote business and  differentiating from “old-fashioned” competitors, therefore creating prestige.
For a professional studio, for example, rental is a way to get art into the workplace rather than looking for that  at events , it’s a new way to “become attached” to a work over time and calmly evaluate the possibility to purchase.

You can request information about rent by clicking HERE, or contact +39 335 5200775.
We will be pleased to arrange a meeting to  explain all the different types of subscription, helping you in your choice and advising you on the layout.
All works we rent are framed, insured, limited edition and copyrighted.