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Vladimir Seleznev is in photography since 2003, studied photography by himself.
As artist, he gives preference to fine-art photography and uses only film cameras.
First time he preferred black and white films with a lot of grain and his works were very contrast and graphical. But later he gave preference to color photography. From 2011 he works only in color and from 2013 he uses only medium format cameras.
In 2010 Vladimir started to teach photography and has developed his own program, dedicated to fine-art photography.

2013 Silver Camera (best reportage about Moscow),Awardee in «Architecture»
2012 “Best photographer of Russia – 2011”, Top 10 in “Still life” and “Architecture”
2011 “Best photographer of Russia – 2010”, 1st place in “Fine Art”
International competition of arts, Berlin, 1st place in “Fine Art”
International competition of arts, Moscow, 2nd places in “Portrait” and “Landscape”

2013 Silver Camera, Group, Kazanskiy Station, Moscow, Russia
2011 German Art Week, Group, Russian House, Berlin, Germany.
Best Photographer, Group, Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography, Moscow, Russia
2007 «Apple story», Personal, Gallery of XXI Century, Moscow Russia
In future
Silver Camera, Group, Kazanskiy Station, Moscow, Russia
III Biennale of Contemporary Photography, The State Russian Museum, Group, St.-Petersburg, Russia

RosPhoto, web-magazine (rus) http://www.rosphoto.com/portfolio/vladimir_seleznev-1281
Lensa, web-magazine (eng) http://www.lensamagazine.com/lensa-magazine-vol-7
Photointerview, web-magazine (rus)

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