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Stefano Cipriani (born in 1951 in Rome) has always been interested in photography and started taking photos since the 1970s, while he was studying architecture. For many years, he only used the black-and-white medium because he believed that it was absolutely critical to monitor the entire creative process, from shooting to printing. Many of his early works are collected in the book ‘Stefano Cipriani, Fotografie, Roma, 1992.’
The advent of digital photography and the rapid development of digital technology paved the way for new forms of expressiveness and for color photography.
In his frequent travels, the Author has managed to capture many different and interesting photographic scenarios, as shown in the projects that he has developed over the years, primarily ‘It’s a wall’s world’ and ‘Reflections’.
In these and other works, post-processing highlights the quality of the subject of the photo and/or a particular feeling, as well a sort of metaphysical suspension achieved through a careful choice of the scene that Cipriani wants to capture in his photos.
While remaining in the photographic field as clicked by the camera, the image unfolds before us through the addition of textures, or the use of black and white and more generally, through monochromatism.
The aim is to reveal and enhance a different essence of the subject in the photo by emphasizing its uniqueness, which becomes even more evident when the subject is taken apart from its context, and to stimulate considerations and questions.
Walls are seen not only physical divisions or aesthetic objects, but as a divide between situations and realities, as demarcation lines between the side within the wall, where everything is clear and obvious, and the side beyond the wall, which can generate multiple interpretations and raises questions about what we are observing.
What you see and what is reflected on glass merge because of reflections, thus generating an amazing number of different interpretations. Sometimes it is impossible to make a distinction between what is inside and what is outside, because in and outside fuse together to create a “third” and absolutely unique reality…

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