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Roberto Cotroneo is an Italian writer, essayist, poet and photographer. For nearly twenty years he acted as cultural editor for L’Espresso weekly, and since 2012 he has collaborated with Corriere della Sera. He has published several novels including “Presto con fuoco”, “Otranto”, “Questo amore”, “E nemmeno un rimpianto” and “Betty”, translated into multiple languages around the world. He has written several essays on literature, creative writing, music and photography, among which: “Se una mattina d’estate un bambino”, “Chiedimi chi erano i Beatles”, “Il sogno di scrivere” and “Lo sguardo rovesciato”. He has also published three collections of poetry. An eclectic figure from the Italian cultural scene of the past 20 years, he has recently dedicated himself to photography, which he considers a fundamental element of his critical and creative development. He frequently associates texts to his images to complete his photographic thought. He sustains that intellectuals and artists have the obligation to fuse their understanding, uniting the sensitivity of imagery with that of word, and has thus chosen photography as the cornerstone of this process. He has exhibited a selection of his photographs at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa as a part of a collective exhibit, Flashback Fotografia italiania di sperimentazione: 1960-2016, curated by Sabrina Raffaghello and Roberto Mutti.

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