Edouard de Francisci

artist photography

artist bio

Born in France in 1965, son of Sicilian parents, he has been an eclectic figure in the French managerial and entrepreneurial world. After thirty years of work experience, thanks to which he had the chance to travel and live in different countries, few years ago he returned to his youth passion, photography, finally in a professional manner, considering it a fundamental tool of his human and creative journey.
He considers photography his life-long achievement and at the same time the return to origins and he considers it the pivot towards maturity, one of the most important phases of his life. He chose Noema Gallery as the Italian Gallery to represent him.
The “Emotions” project, a transversal collection of several photographic works of artistic production, could only take place in Italy, a country well known for its in traditions and art, and iconic of Western culture. The author is at ease in places full of humanity, through his shots he takes us to unexpected territories of our souls, making us live precise “Emotions” filtered on the basis of our own experiences, our loves and our humanity.
His photographs are of an unconscious elegance, told in a whisper of places dear to him, very often in black and white, or when in color, with soft shades and monochromatic variations. The stylistic code is very often almost graphic and minimalist, which makes the image whispered and suspends any kind of judgment, leaving free interpretation to those who approach.

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