Aldo Sardoni

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Born in 1964, Rome-Italy.
He studied architecture and photography in Venice and Rome.
He graduated in architecture in Rome in “Valle Giulia”.
Post-graduated degree in Architectural Theories.
Author reported at “Los Ojos del Tiempo” Guadalajara-Mexico.
Author reported at “Premio per la qualità creativa in fotografia professionale” Milan-Italy.
Permanent Collections “Archivio Italo Zannier” Venice Italy

Gigliola Foschi about his photography wrote:
“Placing himself in conscious antithesis compared to the overvaluation of the chasing and impending present, this artist takes us into his photographic research in the folds of time, until the emergence of a sense of sacredness that brings us back to the origins, to the perennial sources of our visual culture and the archaic religiosity of the Mediterranean dimensions. Sardoni reflects and captures the suggestions crystallized in the art of the past to rework them and create images at the same time present and deliberately out of date. Rather than obey the imperatives of the market, who wants always new and innovative works, his work feeds on tradition but without being nostalgic. Instead of surprise and provocation, urges gently our imagination. Avoiding entering in the media game, which seems to have the better who screams louder, preferring the silence and the low tones, almost whispering.

That which is emphasized is that his images give the impression that materializes from the depths of time and an inexhaustible past. A time where they reign together the recollection and the splendor of the senses, the severity of bodily matter and a sacred atmosphere, the brightness of the light and powerful depth of darkness.”

The photography of Aldo Sardoni
Text by Gigliola Foschi (extract)
Translation by Michelle Mary James

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